Cookies Policy

Last update: 30/05/2023

Definition of cookies
A cookie is a small data file (scripts, pixels and tags) stored on the hard drive of a device such as smartphone, tablet or computer, through a web browser, upon user’s approval.
Most websites use cookies or similar digital tracking technologies, with the aim of enhancing the web browsing experience.

Type of cookies in use on this website
As many other websites and organisations, this website uses cookies and strictly abides by the applicable regulation on cookies.

Cookies can be split in two general categories: first-party cookies and third-party cookies.
First-party cookies are cookies set by this website and may include Strictly Necessary Cookies and/or Functionality cookies, mainly designed to enable essential functionalities such as providing security, saving login information, saving user’s shopping basket or enabling social media interaction. We may further include web analytics cookies, to understand how this website is used by visitors. It is worth noting that those cookies do not collect personal information.

We may use third-party cookies, set by external parties and placed on a visitor’s device through our service. Those cookies may not be essential but contribute to understanding how this website is used, gathering performance and analytics data such as what information visitors look at most or how long the website takes to load. We may also use third-party cookies for marketing and targeting purposes, for example, to choose where to place online advertisements or assess how well one of our advertisements on another website such as Google or Yahoo has sent visitors to our website.

Cookies management on web browsers
Visitors may refuse the use and saving of cookies, from this website and/or partners on their device. They may check and/or change the security settings of their web browsers to enable, disable and delete cookies.
It should be noted that some changes in the cookie settings may affect some features on offer on this website. Users may also be unable to be provided with contents they have previously used or seen.

For more details about cookies, including how to see what cookies have been set, please visit All About or
Please refer to the links below to find out how to manage cookies in some of the most common web browsers supported by this website.
Google Chrome
Microsoft Edge
Mozilla Firefox

How long are cookies stored on devices?
The length of time cookies remain on a user’s device depends on the type of cookies.
Session cookies will only stay on a device for the strict duration a visitor spends on our website, therefore becoming invalid or automatically deleted when a user closes their web browser.
Persistent cookies are stored for a longer and pre-set duration at which point, they will expire and become invalid or automatically deleted.

Changes to our Cookies Policy
We reserved the right to change our Cookies Policy at any point of time. These changes may be due to regulatory, legal, operational or any other deemed discretionary reasons.
We invite visitors to periodically review our Cookies Policy and check the last time this policy has been updated so that they are aware of any changes since their last review.